Click here to find out more about the Christchurch Bike Library - two covered trailers you can loan to take groups out riding bikes on easy to intermediate bike trails.

Cycling Church was founded by Steven Muir in Christchurch New Zealand in 2003. The main idea of Cycling Church is to encourage the spiritual benefits of outdoor activity and to stimulate the connection between the feeling of spiritual wellbeing in the outdoors and the act of worshipping God. Core values are appreciation of God in the outdoors, humour and caring for God’s creation as a core part of the Gospel of Jesus.

Check out the very funny book I’ve written called PROSACC—Profound Revelations of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church. There’s also other articles relating to faith and cycling and caring for God’s creation and my main mission from God which is to make bike trailers and get people using them as a way to save to planet. Offering free bike maintenance is an important part of my activities at Aranui Bike Fixup. Also check out the Aranui Bike Fixup Facebook page

Hope you find it inspiring. If you would like to buy a copy of PROSACC for $10 email thepope@cyclingchurch.org.nz for bank details.