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last update: 1/2/16

Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast 2016 (4MB)- our most ambitious trip ever from Christchurch over the Alps to the West Coast then back again with tandems and kayaks. A version with smaller photos here (< 1MB)

Fossil fuel free multisport 2011 - the worlds first ever fossil fuel free multisport event took place with seven people, 34km of biking, kayaking and running, not one drop of fossil fuel used.

Fossil fuel free multisport 2013 - Another event was held on the Waimakariri with twice the distance.

Fossil fuel free multisport 2014 - an even more ambitious route with more stable towing setup over Dyers Pass to Cass Bay and paddle around Quail Island. See the youtube video

Single wheel cycle tour of Banks Peninsula A rigorous test drive of the new single wheel trailer design which did well on a variety of tracks

How many bikes can a bike rider take if a bike rider could take bikes The record so far is 19 but with a destroyed back wheel in the trailer. Fortunately a spare was on board.

Supermarket challenge 06 Three cars compete with three bikes to carry two kids and a weeks groceriesóbikes of course are faster, more enjoyable and the icecream is less melted.

Supermarket challenge 07 Same as the 06 challenge but with a longer 6km route, 15mm of rain, and the bikes are still faster and more fun.

The clean green limousine How to do airport pickups using various tandem and folding bikes and  a bike trailer. One person can pick up four passengers with luggage

Cycling songs Ten songs to familiar tunes that extol the virtues of cycling and the evils of cars. Good fun for cycling related events.

Free bike maintenance in Christchurch Workshops run three times a year for you to bring along old bikes and get them fixed up and maybe even get a restored old bike.

Build your own trailer for $20 If you have plenty of time but no money hereís how to make a very cheap trailer out of scrap beds and bikes

Big loads on a bike Over 400kg of stuff that needed moving, from 1.3m x1.5m double glazed windows, blocks of oamaru stone, 5m lengths of aluminium, a pile of scrap metal, all without the car.

Carrying kids on bikes Heres some tips on how to carry two kids on your bike particularly how to make a very cheap front seat by hose-clamping a bike seat to your bike frame. Itís even legal.

Travel planning This is what got me into trailers in the first place when I realized most of my car trips were for carrying loads. List all your trips you ever do and try to find alternatives to the private motor car.

Smoothie bike A pedal powered blender on the back of the bike great for making smoothies at your local cycling event

Snowpool gear carrying by bike trailer Carry your snow gear by bike trailer to meet your ride up to the mountains

Mobile skate ramps Two sets of skate ramps carried in a 3-wheeler bike make great birthday entertainment

Snow tyres for winter make your own snow tyres

Snow chains Make your own snow chains for your bike, pictures and instructions from June 2012 snow fall. I think chains are superior to snow tyres for most conditions as its a smoother ride and donít wear as quickly.

Ticket to ride graphics and instructions to make up an excellent board game that gets players competing to build cycle ways around New Zealand

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